Beeps and Blips from Outer Space

These are a collection of utilities I created that were useful enough for letting the hoi polli try them.

  • Longtweet: Write long twitter messages while not compromising security.
  • Vain: Like your Google Plus account with your Facebook account.  Why not?
  • Word Generator: Generate random words with your custom schema (Vowels, Consonants, etc…).  It also includes a word mutation tool.  Fun!
  • Name Filter: Tired of looking at long lists of names?  Well, use the name filter to search through a name database to find matches for name beginnings, endings, and consonant/vowel format.  This makes finding a baby name much easier!
  • Total Confusion: Calculator to help make sense out of a total of different numbers.  It is very useful for determining how your cable or utility bill has been calculated.
  • LinkIt: Create a simple link with a URL.