The Fine Print:These images are from sources published before 1923 and therefore in the public domain (more info) or they are from sources that published a reproduction of an originally public domain image (see Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corp).I have done my best to make sure the pictures are in the public domain, but if any of the sources are not in the public domain and can be shown to not be in the public domain, I will remove them upon request.  I make no claim or guarantee the images are in the public domain.  So, if you wish to use them commercially, it would be best if you verified the sources yourself.


The Story of the Letters and Figures

Source: Skinner, Hubert M.  The Story of the Letters and Figures.  Chicago: Orville Brewer Publishing Co, 1905.  (Modern publication: ISBN 1177749998)

Here is a good collection of ancient pictures that range from Ancient Greek, Renaissance, and Ancient Egypt.  These are all raw scans that may need to be touched up with a photo editor before using.  Click an image for the larger size.

Dido Building Carthage - Turner Murillo's Divine Shepherd Heroes of the Trojan War The Parting of Hector and Andromache Traders at Tyre The Flight of Queen Dido The Ruins of Tyre The Abduction of Europa - Albani The Herd Oriental Windows of Today Sisera's Mother at the Window The Death of Sisera Judith - Landelle The Ancient Basket Maker - Heullant Moses in the Basket The Hand in Yod and Kaph The Slavery in Egypt The Wave - James The Handwriting on the Wall - Dore Tobias and the Angel - Dore The School at Athens - Raphael The Maid with the Sickle - Breton's Song of the Lark Barge of the Sun God David - Michaelangelo Moorish Architecture in the Spanish Peninsula - Puerto del SolThe Pentateuch

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