Filestack - A simple open source blogging platform

Filestack was created in response to the high number of security breaches of a simple WordPress installation.  WordPress is great, but it would be better if it wasn't such a huge target for hackers and spammers.

Similar to serving static HTML files, Filestack stores all posts and data into individual files (XML) making backup a breeze.  In addition, all destructive actions, like deleting posts, is restricted and can only be accomplished by accessing the server (SSH).  This limits the amount of damage by a malicious visitor.

Many webpages are run by one person serving simple content and whom doesn't need additional user accounts.  All the WordPress features and plugins are nifty, but they aren't worth much if the website is constantly being compromised and a haven for comment spam.

That's basically the point.  Filestack is a simple databaseless CMS for a blog where all the bells and whistles have been removed, except for a WYSIWYG HTML editor called TinyMCE.


  • Databaseless - Saves all content in files for easy backup and security.
  • Single User - Keeps complexity low and security holes to a minimum.
  • Destructive Actions are Limited - Good for damage control.
  • Built with Python and Django - Better than PHP, amirite?
  • Standard Blog Features - Pages, posts, scheduled publishing, categories, tags, etc...
  • A WYSIWYG Editor - Uses TinyMCE.
  • Templates and Themes - Customizeable look and feel.
  • File Upload Helper - No need to mess with FTP.
  • WordPress Support - Serve from a WordPress export file.



Open Source

Filestack is licensed under Apache 2.0.

The source code can be found on GitHub: Download


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