What pattern matchers we are.  Here is a story of a man that systematically experimented to say without out doubt a tree causes headaches; the bay laurel.
"Pierangelo Geppetti, who led the study, heard from a friend about a man who was trimming trees on his property and suddenly experienced a cold sensation in his left nostril and then excruciating pain around his left eye. In his youth, the man had regularly gotten cluster headaches, which are one-sided, intense bouts of exceptional pain that often recur in people who suffer from them.Unlike a full-bore cluster headache, the man’s symptoms quickly faded, and he forgot about the episode. But a few months later when he was again working with bay laurel, the headache struck again.  This prompted him to experiment, intentionally sniffing the crushed leaves of the tree. The intense pain resumed and not long after, Geppetti heard the headache story from their mutual friend.  Intrigued, he began investigating the chemical compounds that might be responsible."
It is interesting how certains smells or inhalents cause headaches.  The next time you experience a headache, think back to previous headaches.  What was common?  Perhaps you had some soup and munched on a bay leaf... or snorted some the article
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