Indigo Jam Unit, from Japan, is producing the best jazz heard in a long time. They truly rival the greats. Listen to this and you'll agree:

Here are a few more great songs:

I've been keeping an eye out for a US tour, but they haven't shown up.  I went as far as speaking to the booking agent at Yoshi's San Francisco to try to get Indigo Jam Unit to play.  However, Yoshi's was too busy trying to book Bell Biv DeVoe and Naughty by Nature instead of finding good jazz artists.Indigo Jam Unit probably wouldn't fit in well with the atmosphere at Yoshi's since it's too sterile, bright, and old.  The band tends to play best when nestled in a group of fans, which is why I might try the Cafe Du Nord or even the Elephant Room in Austin.  I don't want to give up just yet.  The music is just too damn good.The selection of MP3 downloads is very small.  All you can get from Amazon is a crappy album called Re: Common, which has rap drowning/FLOODING the music and douses the listener in profanity.  I can't stand listening to lyrics which constantly use the word nigger.I understand Common is a progressive rapper/poet, even had a poet reading at the Whitehouse, and had a great interview on the Daily Show (Sept. 14th), but his style destroyed the album.  If he did spoken word or a little beatnik or doo-wap, it would have been better.  Common's aggression and inflexible rap structure didn't fit the music.  It's almost as though he wanted the music to align with his words.The band has a recent release called "ROSE" that includes vocals from Alicia Saldenha which is definitely a step up.  Here's a video:

There are a few albums on Amazon you can buy from "Sellers," but I eventually had to import all the music myself from Japan directly.  If you decide to import, make sure you get these albums; they are amazing!
  • Realism
  • 2x2
  • Collectivity
  • Pirates
head over to their web site (you may need to translate the blog)
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